Traditional Mass

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Renunciation and choice

"Those persons who apply themselves seriously to a study of the scope and meaning of the Mass, cannot help awakening in themselves a spirit of mortification, of subordination of the earthly to the heavenly, of absolute obedience to God's will and law. This is a necessity of the present hour, as is zeal for prayer. Many persons--among whom we observe with sorrow the presence of many Catholics--live as though their sole purpose in life were to establish an earthly paradise, with no thought being given to eternity or the hereafter."
--Pius XII

With this quote in mind, I intend to post, as often as I can, from the book: 'Your Mass and Your Life', an in depth study of the Holy Mass. Together we can grow in our love of the Mass which Almighty God has given to us through His Only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. To know the Mass is to love it. To love the Mass, is to serve it! To serve Mass is to have one foot in Heaven!
God Bless us all!
Deacon John