Traditional Mass

Thursday, July 19, 2007


34a--What do we read on this subject in numbers 120 and 121 of the encyclical, Mediator Dei, written by His Holiness, Pius XII?

The Holy Father writes as follows:
"In order that the oblation whereby the faithful offer the Divine Victim to God in this Sacrifice may have its full effect, it is necessary that they should add something--their own immolation as victims. This immolation is not restricted to the liturgical Sacrifice. Since we are built on Christ as living stones, the Prince of the Apostles wishes us to become 'a holy priesthood, to offer up that spiritual sacrifice which God accepts through Jesus Christ.' {Peter 2:5. (Knox.)} And the Apostle Paul, speaking for all time, exhorts the faithful in these terms: 'And now, brethren, I appeal to you by God's mercies to offer up your bodies as a living sacrifice, consecrated to God and worthy of His acceptance; this is the worship due from you as rational creatures,' " {Rom. 12:1. (Knox.)}

Addressing himself to priests (whose dispositions should be espoused by the faithful), the Holy Father adds:
"When we are at the altar, our souls must be transformed. Every trace of sin must be completely destroyed. Whatever is capable through Christ of engendering supernatural life, must be vigorously restored and strengthened; so that we may form, together with the Immaculate Host, a victim acceptable to God."
[From 'Your Mass and Your Life,' to be continued . . .]