Traditional Mass

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Continued . . .

45--What is the message of the church steps?

To him who has eyes to see and tongue to pray, who knows how to live recollected in the presence of God, the most ordinary objects--things a man can reach out and touch--have a richness and language all their own. . . . For example, steps! We climb an incredible number of them! Have you ever thought about the almost imperceptible change that takes place when we go up? It is not just my foot that ascends; my whole body and my soul arise as well! A moment's thought brings intimations of another ascent--this time, a spiritual one. Of the long climb toward the summit where our "ascension" ends--toward that blessed eternity where God Himself constitutes the happiness of Hos elect.

How great my destiny! Let us always remember where the steps lead. Leaving below all useless baggage--the world and its futilities--let us "mount up as with wings" toward Him who is the Most High.
[From 'Your Mass and Your Life,' to be continued . . .]