Traditional Mass

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


We continue with our posting of the Introduction to The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary:


(The translation of the Psalms and the brief introductory comments on the Psalms of this Little Office of the Blessed Virgin are taken largely from: The Psalms and Canticles by George O'Neill, S.J. [Bruce Publishing Co. 1937.] The late Father O'Neill's work has long been out of print.)



"The development of the various themes of the Psalms is very rarely abstract; rather it is usually conjoined to concrete incidents of personal life or of history. Even the most personalized Psalms by sublimation are generalized from the individual to mankind. The Psalmist speaks ever not only in his own name, but in the name of all humanity. And thus whilst their concreteness gives most interesting vivacity and color, the universality of the Psalms, embracing the most basic facts and world-wide principles, sounding the chords of every sentiment of the human heart, makes them as effective in expressing man's aspirations and fears, desires and dreads, in the ultimate cycle of the world's existence as in the days of their composition." 
(Simon, O.S.M., Scripture Manual).


[To be continued]