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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Did you notice?

Did you notice? | iPadre Catholic Podcasting

Did you notice how the four new bishop were clothed for their ordination by Pope Benedict XVI on Epiphany? Below is a picture of the Holy Father’s personal secretary, Archbishop Georg G√§nswein. First, you see his Episcopal cassock, which is covered with a beautiful lace alb. Also covering the cassock around the neck is the amice. On top of the alb and maybe missed by some is the dalmatic, which is covered by a Roman style chasuble. The dalmatic may be worn by the bishop under his chasuble for solemn Mass. It was part of the required vesture of a bishop from the 13th until the 20th century.
What is most interesting is the use of the dalmatic and the Roman style chasuble. Here is another sign of the Reform of the Reform in progress under our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. The Holy Father leads more by example than by command. Here, he is showing the Church how a bishop aught to be clothed for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Thanks Fr. Finelli for this post!