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Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Look at the “Actual Mass” of Vatican II: the 1965 Missal

A Look at the “Actual Mass” of Vatican II: the 1965 Missal « Archdiocese of Washington


This is a great article that helped me understand some of the changes that were made to the Holy Mass in the late 60's. Click on the link below to read the whole thing.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a
cautionary article aimed at my traditionally-minded brethren saying,
among other things, that we ought to be careful in identifying the
Ordinary Form of the Mass (1970 Missal and beyond) as the “Mass of
Vatican II.”  I will not reproduce that whole article here. I will only recall three points:

1. The Mass was already undergoing significant changes, beginning in the 1940s and picking up speed through the 1950s. More changes were planned by the Vatican before the Second Vatican Council was called.
2. The Second Vatican Council considered many issues, of which the liturgy was only one.
The liturgical norms issued by the council were of a general nature and
contained proposals that were far more modest than the substantial
changes that happened in 1970 and beyond.
3. The Missal published in
1965 (of which I have a copy) incorporated many, if not most, of the
insights from the council. The changes included in the 1965 Missal are
more truly to be seen as those envisioned by the council
the far more sweeping changes incorporated in the Missal of 1970, a
Missal that was designed by a smaller consilium of liturgists and
actually surprised many of the bishops who attended the council.