Traditional Mass

Thursday, September 08, 2016

A Brief Introduction to the Angels By Peter Kwasniewski


Like all ancient liturgical rites of the Church, the traditional Roman rite of Mass—especially if one includes the Asperges me and the Leonine prayer to St. Michael—is full of references and allusions to the holy angels, and more than that, prayers directly addressed to them.  To cite all these wonderful texts, let alone comment on them, would make a lengthy article in itself.  Since my purpose here is not to analyze the text of the Mass but to present an accessible introduction to the angels, I will pass up this tempting alternative.  Still, in keeping with the ancient truth legem credendi statuit lex orandi (or more pithily, lex credendi, lex orandi),[1] the best way to begin is to call to mind some of these liturgical expressions of our faith. 

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