Traditional Mass

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Eligius, a goldsmith at Paris, was commissioned by King Clotaire to make a throne. With the gold and precious stones given him he made two. Struck by his rare honesty, the king gave him an appointment at court, and demanded an oath of fidelity sworn upon holy relics; but Eligius prayed with tears to be excused, for fear of failing in reverence to the relics of the Saints. On entering the court he fortified himself against its seductions by the austerities and continual ejaculatory prayers. He had a marvelous zeal for the redemption of captives, and for their deliverence would sell his jewels, his food, his clothes, and his very shoes, once by his prayers braking their chains and opening their prisons. His great delight was in making rich shrines for relics. His striking virtue caused him, a layman and a goldsmith, to be made Bishop of Noyon, and his sanctity in this holy office was remarkable. He possessed the gifts of miracles and prophecy, and died in 665.

Mass of a


O Almighty God, grant that our solemn celebration of the feast of Your confessor bishop Eligius may increase our devotion and bring us closer to our salvation. Through Our Lord . . .