Traditional Mass

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Queen of Portugal, Widow

Daughter of King Peter III of Aragon, Elizabeth (1271-1336) was married at twelve years of age to King Denis of Portugal. She made peace between the rulers of Portugal, Castile, and Aragon, and repeatedly reconciled quarreling members of her own royal family. Becoming a widow, she entered the Order of the Poor Clares. As she was dying, she said: "Draw up a chair for the radiant lady in white who is coming." Then she murmured to the Blessed Virgin, who came to her, "Mary, Mother of grace."

Mass of a Holy Woman, except

O most merciful God, who amongst other excellent gifts didst endow the blessed queen Elizabeth with singular power to calm war-threatening rage, grant through her intercession, that after that peace in this mortal life, for which we humbly pray, we may attain eternal joys. Through our Lord . . .

May this sacrifice of Thy dedicated people be accepted by Thee, O Lord, in honor of Thy Saints, to whose merits we attribute the help afforded us in tribulation. Through our Lord . . .

Thou hast filled Thy household, O Lord, with holy gifts; do Thou cherish us always, through the intercession of her whose festival we are keeping. Through our Lord . . .