Traditional Mass

Monday, March 02, 2015

Children and the Traditional Latin Mass

New Liturgical Movement: Ex ore infantium: Children and the Traditional Latin Mass

A subject that deserves much more attention than it has received (at
least, so far as I know) is how children relate to the traditional Latin
Mass. One thing seems very clear to me from my experience with my own
children and those of my friends who attend this Mass regularly, namely,
that, contrary to all the predictions of the liturgists about the need
for children to have simplified liturgies that hand-feed them bits of
Gospel food, children are often not only content to attend the TLM but
can become quite captivated and entranced by it. We all know of boys who
are squirmy urchins until, donning cassock and surplice, they enter the
serried ranks of altar servers and behave like soldiers, or young
ladies who, with a veil on their heads, give themselves over to prayer
in a way that is truly edifying even for their parents.

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