Traditional Mass

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Continued . . .

17--What does His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, have to say on this subject in paragraph 90 of his encyclical, Mediator Dei?

He says, "Therefore, the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar is not a mere and simple commemoration of the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ, but a true Sacrifice in the proper sense of the word; whereby in a non-bloody immolation, the High Priest does the same thing that He did on the Cross: namely, offer Himself to the Eternal Father as a most acceptable Victim. It is the same Victim. The One who now offers Himself through the ministry of priests, is the same One who offered Himself then on the Cross--only the mode of offering is different."
{Council of Trent, Session 22, c.2.}
[From 'Your Mass and Your Life,' to be continued . . .]