Traditional Mass

Monday, June 25, 2007


29b--What is the source of our obligation to offer ourselves in the Mass with Christ?

Not only is it permissible for us to be offered with Christ, but we are under obligation to offer ourselves with Him--under pain of mutilating the total Christ! For the head alone is not the total Christ. In order for the Mystical Body to be complete, both head and members are needed. This is the whole Christ, as He was offered up to God on Calvary--as He is offered each day on our altars.

Father Plus, S.J., has written these beautiful lines on this subject:

"I am a part of Jesus Christ. That is why I can offer Christ to the Father, and why I ought to offer myself to the Father with Christ.

"How is it that it is permissible for me, a nonentity, to lay hold of Jesus Christ and offer Him in homage to the Most High? How is it that for me to do so is not sacrilegious? It is because the Offerer and I are one!

"Why is it, that in offering Jesus Christ, it is prescribed that I should not separate my oblation from His? It is because the One being offered is the total Christ, and that in that total Christ I am included!

"The Saviour's immolation--for He has so willed--is incomplete--we must add ours. The Cross of Christ, minus our cross, is not enough. Our Lord's merits were infinite; but in order for these merits to reach souls, our co-operation is needed. Christ effected the main part, but not all, of the task. It is up to each one of us to bring His contribution. The Saviour's work suffices only for him who completes it by adding his share.

"Our Lord has obligated Himself to the mission of summing up all things in Himself; but on each one of us devolves the task of supplying the few lines of text still required. In Christ is comprised the whole of redeemed and faithful humanity, the entire Church, the Communion of saints. In Him who offers, as well as in what He offers, we are included.

"Christ, the High Priest, we as subordinate priests; Christ. the Chief Victim, we as co-victims! But Christ and we--total Priest, and total Victim!

"Christ's constant attitude toward His father is to offer Himself, and with Himself, us. The constant attitude of the Christian toward Christ, is to offer up Christ, and himself with Christ."

[From 'Your Mass and Your Life, to be continued.]