Traditional Mass

Thursday, August 23, 2007


36--When are we obliged to attend Mass?
Mass is obligatory under pain of mortal sin:
On all Sundays and Holy Days of obligation.
Mass is "obligatory" out of love for God:
If we have understood a little what the Mass is, we shall never miss it through our own fault. It will be for us a "duty of love" to participate as often as possible. The Mass should become our daily delight.

Just think! The Mass is the supreme act of religion; the one most pleasing to God and most profitable for us. "The prayer which we say during Mass, in union with the Divine Victim, possesses ineffable potency." So wrote St. Francis de sales. "The thing we are unable to obtain during Mass, will be obtained with difficulty at another time," adds st. John Chrysostom.

Nothing is of greater advantage for saint and sinner alike:
1. For sinners. Because sinners attending this divine Sacrifice, receive actual graces and illumination from God, and good impulses leading them to reflection and conversion; provided they are docile to the inspirations of grace.

2. For "saints." Because the righteous find in the Mass powerful assistance for persevering in sanctity, for making new progress in virtue, and for laying up a treasure of merit in Heaven. "Place your good works, prayers, fastings, and alms on one end of the scales, and a single Mass on the other, and you will see that the balance is not even; but that the scale bearing the mass will go down." (St. Lawrence Justinian.)
[From 'Your Mass and Your Life, to be continued . . .]