Traditional Mass

Monday, October 22, 2007

continued . . .

44--Of what do the steeple and belfry remind us?

The church is surmounted by a steeple, whose spire, like a pointing finger, indicates Heaven and seems to say to us: "Mind the things that are on high." (Col. 3:1)

The belfry contains the bells which summon us to divine worship or to prayer, and by their harmonious sounds enhance the solemnity of religious feasts.

Incidentally, St. Francis de Sales once observed that many Christians and church workers are like church bells. They invite others to church, but never go themselves! If by chance, we belong to this category of folk who urge others to do good works they do not do themselves; then let us stop our "clangour" and start preaching by the force of our example. . . . Only then will our words find an echo in our neighbor's soul.

The tower in the belfry often contains a clock, which warns us to make good use of the hours of life--the hour of death will be too late. In eternity we shall reap as we have sown. . . .

Finally, because Christ crucified reconciled Heaven and earth; we place a cross on the spire of the steeple. This cross makes clear to all who is the Head of this house is.

[From 'Your Mass and Your Life,' to be continued . . .]