Traditional Mass

Monday, November 12, 2007

Continued . . .

53--Please name the other liturgical vessels.

1. The Communion paten is a plate of gold metal, designed to receive the small particles of the Consecrated Host which sometimes fall during distribution of Holy Communion. This usage is not of recent date, as the Communion paten was employed in the Middle Ages.

2. The
cruets are small flasks in which are contained the wine and water of the Mass.

3. The
sanctus bell is a small bell that is rung at the moment fix by the rubrics, to permit the people to associate themselves more intimately with the principal parts of the Mass.

4. The censor and the incense boat in which the incense is placed.

5. The
holy water pot and holy water sprinkler for the aspersions.

[From 'Your Mass and Your Life,' to be continued . . .]