Traditional Mass

Friday, June 06, 2008

Saint Norbert
Marten Pepijn

SAINT NORBERT Bishop and Confessor

Norbert was born in the Rhineland, about 1080, and educated at the imperial court. In 1115 a narrow escape from death turned him wholly to God. He took Holy Orders, gave all his possessions to the poor, and journeyed about the Rhineland as an itinerant preacher. Later, guided by the Holy Spirit, he founded near Soissons the Premonstratensian Order, which soon spread over Western Europe. The canons regular of this institute fostered devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and intensified Christian life among the faithful and the clergy.

Mass of a

COLLECT You made Your blessed confessor Bishop Norbert a great preacher of the Gospel, O God, and through him founded a new religious congregation in Your Church. May his merits and prayers win Your help for us so that we may follow his teaching and example. Through our Lord . . .