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Monday, November 30, 2009

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First Clear Creek monk dies

Clear Creek Monastery near Lost City was founded 10 years ago by 13 monks from an ancient abbey in France. Last Tuesday, in a solemn Roman Catholic requiem Mass, one of the founders, Father Francois de Feydeau, a Frenchman, was laid to rest in a grove of pine trees he had planted himself a few years ago, near the new monastery whose construction he helped bring about.

Fr. de Feydeau was the "sub-prior" of the Benedictine community - second in command, the faithful lieutenant of the monastery's prior, or head man in charge, Father Philip Anderson. After suffering from cancer for six months, Fr. de Feydeau died at the monastery on Nov. 15. He was the first monk to die there.

Cathy Costello of Edmond has been a friend of the Clear Creek monks for many years. She described Fr. de Feydeau's feelings about his home in Cherokee County, and the community here he belonged to. 

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