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St. Angela adopted the rule of St. Francis, and started to teach the ignorant poor children in her native town. Later founded the Order of the Ursulines uniting "evangelical poverty to the merit of virginity. She died A.D. 1540.

Mass of a VIRGIN, except

O God, who through blessed Angela didst cause a new society of holy Virgins to grow up within the Church, grant through her intercession that we may lead lives of angels, so that shedding all earthly interests we may be found worthy to enjoy everlasting happiness. Through our Lord . . . 

Commemoration of the MASS OF ROGATION  
The death and resurrection of Jesus have opened heaven and won the grace to avoid sin and to gain eternal happiness. But many of the consequences of sin still remain; and every person has his guilt to confess and atone for. Besides, there are the countless needs of soul and body that put all men on their knees before God. Earthquakes and other calamities afflicted Europe in the fifth century and St. Mamertus, instituted a penitential procession with public supplications in his Diocese. Hence, the special days of petition, called Rogation Days, marked by a special Mass, the Litany of the Saints, and, where possible, a procession during which the Litany is sung. It is well to join penance and fasting to all prayer. In 816 A.D., Pope Leo III introduced this Mass in Rome, and soon after it became a general observance throughout the Church.

In our difficulties, O almighty God, we rely upon Your loving mercy. Let Your protection shield us from all harm.

Commemoration of the VIGIL OF THE ASCENSION
O God, the source of all good, grant us Your inspiration that we may have proper thoughts, and Your guidance that we may carry them into practice. Through our Lord . . .

O Lord, look with favor upon the offerings of Your Church as she prays to You. Bless these gifts, that the faithful who receive them may attain salvation. Through our Lord . . .
Commemoration of the MASS OF ROGATION
May these gifts free us from the ties of sinfulness, O Lord, and win us  the gift of Your mercy.

Commemoration of the VIGIL OF THE ASCENSION
Accept the prayers and offerings of the faithful, O Lord, and let our love and devotion lead us to the glory of heaven. Through our Lord . . .

Refreshed with this heavenly food, we humbly beseech Thee, O Lord, that by the prayers and example of blessed Angela, we may be cleansed of all stain of sin, and may please Thee both in body and soul. Through our Lord . . .
Commemoration of the MASS OF ROGATION
Mercifully grant us our requests, O Lord, that the consolation we receive in our grievous troubles may increase our love for You.

Commemoration of the VIGIL OF THE ASCENSION
Grant that we, who have been fed at Your heavenly banquet, O Lord, may desire only what is right and that we may fulfill these holy desires. Through our Lord . . .

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