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Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Shocking News:

Attacked priest guilty of celebrating the Mass in Latin

It has long been repeated warnings against Don Pardo Garcia
"You have been hard but you will break your head. Signed [ed] Your friend Satan." This is one of several threatening messages sent to Don Pardo Hernan Garcias, pastor of St. Michael in Ronta (Fi). His crime, to celebrate Mass in Latin, liberalized by Benedict XVI in September 2007.
The warnings, which were repeated for some time now, did not deter the priest, who nonetheless continued to say Mass with the ancient rite. The epilogue last Wednesday, when he was beaten by a 'faithful' in the rectory of the country in the presence of the elderly mother. The beating took caused him a bruised shoulder, led to the emergency room of Borgo San Lorenzo has been medicated.
The news appeared today in the Journal of Tuscany, the accusations are those of Don Hernan scatter the flock, especially not condone the distribution of Communion in the mouth and on her knees instead of hands, the same way as Benedict XVI. For others, the Italian-Argentine prelate has only shown a bit of religious austerities in the parish, by banishing the guitars and reporting functions within the walls of the ancient parish of Gregorian chant.
The press has fallen silent on the matter, but in Mugello, people speak of the incident, has been shaken by so much hostility towards a man of God
The pope in promulgating the Motu Proprio, he wanted to give a signal of unity, he spoke of reconciliation at the time, but apparently not everyone agrees, and sometimes, as in this case, someone brutally manifested their dissent, making full-scale aggression against those who, unarmed, voted against his own life the next.