Traditional Mass

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Fillipo Lauri, Ecstasy of Saint Bruno
Second half of the 17th century., oil on canvas


As a young priest, Bruno (1030-1101) was a brilliant teacher at the cathedral school of Rheims. He became rector of that school and later chancellor of the diocese. In 1084 he withdrew to the wilderness of Chartreuse and founded there a monastery of monk-hermits which grew into the Carthusian Institute, the most penitential of all contemplative communities. His character, far from being harsh, was marked by serene gaiety and tender charity. Saint Bruno is Patron of those who suffer from demonic possession.

Mass of a CONFESSOR OF THE FAITH, except

May the prayers of the holy confessor Bruno assist us, O Lord, so that we, who have deeply offended Your majesty by our sins, may be pardoned through his merits and intercession. Through our Lord . . .


We offer You, O Lord, this sacrifice of praise in memory of Your saints. Free us from evil now and in the future through their intercession. Through our Lord . . .

Almighty God, we pray that the reception of this Bread of Heaven may strengthen us against all adversity through the intercession of Your blessed confessor Bruno. Through our Lord . . .