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Tuesday, January 17, 2012



(The translation of the Psalms and the brief introductory comments on the Psalms of this Little Office of the Blessed Virgin are taken largly from: The Psalms and Canticles by George O'Neill, S.J. [Bruce Publishing Co. 1937.] The late Father O'Neill's work has long been out of print.)

Saint Jerome in his Study, fresco by Domenico ...

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"As for St. Jerome, who in a sense directed these ladies, we know how continuously he worked at the Psalter. The election of St. Martin as Bishop of Tours was decided by an 'accidental' quotation, by a layman, from Psalm 8. Everyone knows how in East and West monastic life was practically regulated by the Psalms. When Ambrose rebuked the Emperor Theodosius, he could say, 'You have copied David in your crime: copy him in your repentance,' and be understood; for when Theodosius did penance, he is said to have done so in the words of Psalm 118, 25: 'Deep lies my soul in the dust, restore life to me, as thou hast promised.'
[To be continued]

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