Traditional Mass

Monday, May 14, 2012


We continue with our posting of the Introduction to The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary:


(The translation of the Psalms and the brief introductory comments on the Psalms of this Little Office of the Blessed Virgin are taken largly from: The Psalms and Canticles by George O'Neill, S.J. [Bruce Publishing Co. 1937.] The late Father O'Neill's work has long been out of print.)



"The Psalms form what has been called 'the heart of the Bible,' a 'Bible within the Bible' which they sum up. Their dogmatic and moral richness is positively astonishing. Their prophetical wealth is also remarkable, for they contain, concerning the Messias and His Church, numerous and luminous oracles which allow us to follow the marvellous progress of revelation in regard to the most weighty and most interesting of all religious questions. It is not surprising, then, that of all the books of the Old Testament, the Psalter, that is, the 150 Psalms of the Bible, is the MOST FREQUENTLY QUOTED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. It has been reckoned that of 283 citations borrowed from the Old Testament by the New, 116 are drawn from the Psalms."
(Fillion, S.S., The New Psalter).

[To be continued]