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Friday, February 22, 2013

THE HOURS OF OUR LADY #28 [Continued]

It's been a while but,
We continue with our posting of the Introduction to The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

(The translation of the Psalms and the brief introductory comments on the Psalms of this Little Office of the Blessed Virgin are taken largely from: The Psalms and Canticles by George O'Neill, S.J. [Bruce Publishing Co. 1937.] The late Father O'Neill's work has long been out of print.)

Saint Augustine says: "Let it not be objected that the words of the Office are not our own, that the Psalms were not composed for us, that they suppose thoughts, circumstances, and dispositions that are not ours. For the Office has been compiled for us. The Psalms (we repeat it again) have Jesus, the Incarnate God, not David, as their first and principal object. What they express is not the mind of any one man in particular, but the mind of all Christians considered in Him Who is their Divine Head. The feelings contained in the Psalms are those which were wrought first in the soul of our Lord by the Holy Ghost, and then through Him in all those who are members of His Mystical Body. Therefore, they are ours as well as Davids, or any of the saints. So it was for us that the Psalms were written; the Holy Ghost has us in view when He inspired them. He speaks of our perils, of our warfare; He mourns over our sins; and in true and touching words He speaks of our repentance, our hope, our zeal, our gratitude, and our love. For, according to St. Paul: 'All things are yours; and you are Christ's; and Christ is God's.' " (1 Cor. 3,23--Taunton, Little Office of Our Lady).

[To be continued]