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Friday, July 10, 2015

Ten Reasons To Attend The Traditional Latin Mass

Ten Reasons To Attend The Traditional Latin Mass - OnePeterFive

Given that it can often be less convenient for a person or a family to
attend the traditional Latin Mass (and I am thinking not only of obvious
issues like the place and the time, but also of the lack of a parish
infrastructure and the hostile reactions one can get from friends,
family, and even clergy), it is definitely worthwhile to remind
ourselves of why we are doing this in the first place. If something is
worth doing, then it’s worth persevering in—even at the cost of
          This article will set forth a number of reasons
why, in spite of all the inconveniences (and even minor persecutions)
we have experienced over the years, we and our families love to attend
the traditional Latin Mass. Sharing these reasons will, we hope,
encourage readers everywhere either to begin attending the usus
antiquior or to continue attending if they might be wavering. Indeed, it
is our conviction that the sacred liturgy handed down to us by
tradition has never been more important in the life of Catholics, as we
behold the “pilgrim Church on earth” continue to forget her theology,
dilute her message, lose her identity, and bleed her members. By
preserving, knowing, following, and loving her ancient liturgy, we do
our part to bolster authentic doctrine, proclaim heavenly salvation,
regain a full stature, and attract new believers who are searching for
unadulterated truth and manifest beauty. By handing down this immense
gift in turn, and by inviting to the Mass as many of our friends and our
families as we can, we are fulfilling our vocation as followers of the

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