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Friday, November 20, 2015

Rome makes new proposal to SSPX


Catholic Conclave: Rome makes new proposal to SSPX

The Holy See has made a new proposal to the Society of St. Pius X.
Specifically, it relates to the status of the SSPX. The Fraternity is
not canonically recognized and therefore for decades has been in a state
of suspension, which leads to different interpretations among canon
lawyers and bishops as to whether it is part of the Catholic Church or

A sedivacantist website of the United States claimed that an agreement
between the SSPX which was founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and
Rome was imminent. This was denied to by Father Franz
Schmidberger, Rector of the International Seminary of the SSPX in
Zaitzkofen in Bavaria.

Father Schmidberger confirmed the proposal, but denies agreement

Piusbruderschaft: Neuer Vorschlag aus Rom

Father Schmidberger, who was already Superior General of the Priestly
Society and German District Superior, however, confirmed that there is a
concrete proposal which Rome has submitted to the SSPX. However, there
is still much to clarify according to Schmidberger.

The existence of a Roman proposal had been confirmed by the Swiss
District Superior of the Brotherhood to their priests, according to
Secretum Meum Mihi.

This message was posted by those circles who are close to priests which
left the SSPX in 2012 SSPX or have been excluded from this. The reason
for this was briefly, was that there was no conflict over the conditions
under which a canonical regulation by Rome could be accepted, but a
fundamental rejection of any agreement with Rome by a minority in the