Traditional Mass

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


How beautiful, how great You are! Who can know or understand You?

O Jesus, make me know and love You!

Since You are the Light, let a ray of light shine in my poor soul, that I may see and understand You. Let me look on You, O infinite Beauty! Soften the brilliance of Your dazzling light, so that my eyes may bear to contemplate You and Your perfections. Open my ears to Your divine words, that I may hear Your voice and meditate Your teachings. Open my mind and intelligence, that Your Word may find room in my heart and that I may taste and understand it.

Give me great faith, so that Your words may be as so many lamps to enlighten me and lead me to You and make me follow You in the paths of charity and justice.

O Christ, O Word! You are my Lord, my one and only Master! I would listen to You and practice Your Word, for I know that it comes from Heaven. I would listen to, meditate, and practice it; for in Your Word lies life, joy, peace, and happiness.

Speak, for You are my Lord and Master. I would hear Your voice.

(Prayer of Ven. Anthony Chevrier, Tertiary priest)