Traditional Mass

Thursday, January 04, 2007


2---Do many people habitually miss Sunday Mass?
The facts speak for themselves, and the facts are alarming! People readily miss Sunday Mass, either through sheer negligence, or on the flimsiest of pretexts. As if the keeping of the Commandments of God and the Church were something a man could take or leave at will!
For many city parishes, the church should be filled with worshipers at all the Masses. As a matter of fact, only at the late ten or eleven o'clock Masses are most of the pews filled up . . .
The decrease in church attendance is less evident in the country . . . At the most, a few neighbors will notice that members of such and such a family no longer have any scruples about staying home comfortably on Sunday morning. In the summer it is: "What with spring ploughing and all the hard work on the farm, the poor horses are simply played out!" In the winter we hear, "The horses are all worn-out hauling those heavy logs!" So little is needed--once one lives out a little way from town--to squelch the indiscreet questioner!
All this does not prevent the same tired, "worn-out" horses, once noon has rung out from the church bell-tower, from breaking into a brisk trot in the direction of the hotel, the railroad station, and the restaurants; place where a man may idle away a few hours of time--lightening his purse at the same time he weights down his conscience!
The Cure' of Ars used to say that a good Christian could always find something to do on a Sunday without resorting to servile work. Up to noon, the time could be spent thanking God for the graces with which one had been favored during the week. From afternoon to evening, one could implore the graces one would need the coming week!
In the city, too many people "sleep in" until it is time to leave for Mass. Quite often, they decide to postpone their church-going a while longer . . . If it is a nice day though, and doesn't rain, maybe they will--send the children! . . .
There is something ominous about a mentality like that. It is essential to seek out the causes and apply the remedy.

[From 'Your Mass and Your Life']