Traditional Mass

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

St. Laurence Justinian as Patriarch of Venice

Bishop and Confessor

When Lawrence Justinian's father, a Venetian noble of illustrious line, died, his mother of equally distinguished rank and even more distinguished holiness, devoted herself exclusively to bringing up her six young children as good citizens and Christians. Granted a vision of the Eternal Wisdom when he was 19 years old, Lawrence fled from the family mansion and joined the austere community of canons regular of St. George, becoming a priest in 1406. As bishop of Castello ( which included part of Venice), and later patriarch of Venice ( a title created for him by Pope Nicholas V), he changed the face of the diocese, healing political and spiritual strife by prayer, preaching, charity, and the force of his own austerity of life and gentleness of heart. He died in 1455, at 74 years of age.

Mass of a
O Almighty God, grant that our solemn celebration of the feast of Your confessor bishop Lawrence Justinian may increase our devotion and bring us closer to our salvation. Through our Lord . . .

O Lord, may Your saints everywhere be a source of joy for us, and may we feel the power of their intercession with You as we solemnly recall the deeds of their lives. Through our Lord . . .

O Almighty God, may the expression of our gratitude to You for all Your gifts bring us even greater benefits, through the intercession of Your blessed confessor bishop Lawrence Justinian. Through our Lord . . .