Traditional Mass

Thursday, October 26, 2006


With more widespread and frequent reception of the sacraments, the Eucharist came to be known for what it is, the fountainhead of real piety. The truth of the Mystical Body was brought into bolder relief, and the Christian community became more aware that it is in duty bound to share in the liturgical rites according to each member's position in the Mystical Body.
The Holy See has always provided for the training of the people in the spirit and practice of the liturgy, and has insisted that the sacred rites should be performed with due external dignity. We call upon all Christians to heed Our voice, and unite with Us around the altar, professing the same faith and law, and sharing in the same sacrifice to the glory of God. Such union in prayer will bring about that peace longed for by all men of good will.
It is the basic duty of man to direct his person and his life toward God. He does this by practicing the virtue of religion, thus rendering due worship to the One True God. This duty binds man as an individual and it binds the whole community of men grouped together by mutual social ties.
[Excerpted from 'Mediator Dei', Pius XII]