Traditional Mass

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Holy Sacrifice and the sacraments, being Christ's own actions, are capable in themselves of conveying and dispensing grace to the members of His Mystical Body. But to produce their proper effect our hearts must be rightly disposed to receive them. Emphatically therefore the work of redemption, which in itself is independent of our will, requires a serious interior effort on our part if we are to gain eternal salvation.
The possession of divine truths must bear practical fruit. It must impel us to subject our senses to reason as enlightened by the Catholic Faith. It must purify our hearts, uniting us daily more intimately with Christ, drawing from Him the inspiration and strength that we need. The result is that we grow more and more into His likeness. Everything we do is God-centered. "You are Christ's and Christ is God's" (I Cor. 3:13). [Excerpted from 'Mediator Dei', Pius XII]