Traditional Mass

Monday, October 30, 2006

The worship rendered to God by the Church must be in its entirety, interior as well as exterior. It is exterior because the nature of man as a composite of body and soul requires it; besides, as the Preface of Christmas states, "while we recognize God visibly we may be drawn by Him to love of things invisible." As the worship of God is the concern of the whole community of mankind as well as of the individual, that worship should be a social act. This calls for outward expression. God cannot be honored worthily unless the mind and heart turn to Him seeking holiness. The worship given to God by the Church in union with her divine Head is the most effective means of attaining holiness.
In regard to the Eucharistic Sacrifice and the sacraments this effectiveness comes from the act itself. But if we consider the part the Church takes in the action, embellishing it with prayer and sacred ceremonies, then the effectiveness is due to the action of the Church. For the Church is holy and acts always in union with her Head. This is also true of the sacramentals and other rites instituted by the Church.
[Excerpted from 'Mediator Dei', Pius XII]