Traditional Mass

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pope and Confessor

Michael Ghislieri, who later became Pope Pius V (1506-72), entered the Dominican Order at the age of 15 and was made successively inquisitor bishop, cardinal, and then pope. When he became Vicar of Christ, the first care of Pius V was to translate the reforms of the Council of Trent into immediate action. Pius V revised the missal and the breviary. He strongly upheld the Catholic rulers and parties in the countries affected by Protestantism, and he was the soul of Christian resistance to the Moslem advance in Europe. Pope Pius V found his wisdom and strength in devotion to Christ Crucified.

Mass of a
POPE, except

O God, You chose blessed Pius as Pope to overcome the enemies of the Church and to restore the beauty of sacred liturgy. May his prayers protect us and help us to persevere in serving You, so that we may avoid the snares laid by our enemies and enjoy everlasting peace. Through Our Lord . . .